Time travel, Parallel universe, Cloning and Grief

The conversation went something like this between a friend and myself.

K: Don’t laugh, this is going to sound nuts but I’ve totally Googled time travel.

M: *laughs* That’s totally normal hun, add parallel universes & cloning from my list.

K: Obviously we’re not the only ones because there was results.

M: I think anyone who hasn’t Googled these options might be the crazy ones.

Both of us are at different stages of processing our respective grief her husband has been a work colleague years ago and through some divine intervention he had happened back in my life just prior to his death.  The circumstances that if I went into any in depth explanation I feel like it would make me sound like a crazy lady.

It has been quite recent, I had just passed the 6 month mark and my friend has just past her first full month I think.

This is probably a good time to point out that when someone you love dies, your whole perception of how you count time changes, for example today is no longer just “Tuesday” it is instead 7 months & four days since my world crashed into an oblivion of no return.

You start to become an amateur quantum physicist and look at all the possibilities in which the one you love is trapped in another universe, one in which they’re dealing with your death instead.

The reality of time travel is that of all the things something you can achieve, here’s how. I close my eyes and let a memory waft through my collection of thoughts a moment I can almost with perfect recollection remember things like how we argued about his total and complete inability to refill the ice trays in the freezer and his argument being that he was a perfectionist and hated spilling any water during the process, I remember in the finest detail the look on his face, the boyish grin, the details of his hands on the freezer door handle and how he smelled when he got home from work that day.

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