Startup & Small Business Builders 5. Geddy Pitch

I’m going to tell you about the Getty Pitch, the sort of pitch that we often teach people in the start-up sector. It is a pitch that distils your idea into 60 seconds. It’s the idea that you’re going to be in a lift at the top floor of a building. And in the 60 seconds, it takes for you to get to the bottom floor.

You have to talk to a venture capitalist and pitch your idea. So, the Getty Pitch is effectively distilling that idea to your validation, the language of the customers that you got from that validation, into something that’s sellable. For example, you know that problem when you’re doom scrolling the Internet; you went there with the best of intentions to get your marketing done. But 72 cat videos and three videos of babies, and nothing got done. And 3 hours later, I solved that problem.