Social Media 2018 Security Series: Reducing Scam Risks

This one is overdue for a re-write and update.

I’m often getting people reaching out to me or referred to me distressed that their Facebook profile has been hacked, for anyone who also runs a business this can create enormous stress when this is your only marketing channel.

With the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal revealing that data was scrapped from unsuspecting users of Facebook it seems pertinent to share all the knowledge in my brain in blogs to help users secure their data better, bring the collective awareness and digital literacy up a few notches so users like yourself can be more informed and less fearful of the Internet.

What follows is the steps required for desktop/laptop computer version to secure your friends list, if this is done on your desktop this will reflect through your mobile version.

Step one

After you have logged in you will see the main news-feed of Facebook, click on your profile and go to your profile.


Step two

Click on your friends list which you will find just under your cover photo typically located next to the ‘About Me’ section.


Step three

Select the ‘pencil’ icon in the top right hand corner and ‘Edit Privacy’.

Step four

Switch all drop down options to ‘Only Me’

Many of the scams that currently run play on the fact that a lot of your information is shared with friends or inadvertently public.

\\This blog is part of a series of blogs to be released over the next year.

Remember to share, like, love, press the buttons and do the thing – Ming.

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  1. Ming, if I set everything to ‘only me’ how does that impact on the reach that I have for my business?

    1. Post

      This is for your personal profile to protect your contacts – this in no way impacts the reach of your posts to your connections when commenting as yourself personally on your business page. Sorry I took so long to reply to this one, I somehow missed the comments on our website because it went to my spam box in my emails. xx

  2. Thanks Ming. I had followed all your instructions blindly anyway – full trust 🙂 and had set everything to ‘only me’ like you said…. Thanks.

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