Sales Without Losing Your Soul 9. ABC Trial

A trial close is a type of closed that’s used to really just get a customer to say yes as many times as possible. Now we’re going to do an activity which really, I’m going to lose out a little bit on this because normally I would be in a room with someone, and I know what the outcome looks like.

So doing this where it’s one sided and I don’t get to see the other side, a little bit disappointing. So, I’m going to get you to do an activity. I want you to think about the type of material that expensive bow ties are made out of. It’s usually Silk, right? I’m going to get you to say Silk five times.

Silk. Silk, Silk, Silk, Silk. Now, I’m going to get you to say Silk five times really quickly, silk-silk-silk-silk-silk. Now, ten times really quickly, silk-silk-silk-silk-silk-silk-silk-silk-silk-silk. What do cows drink? Did you say milk? Do cows really drink milk? Do maybe they drink water? That’s kind of my point. If somebody is saying yes with enough impulses and enough times, they’re likely to say yes at the end.

Often, this type of close is also about body language and nodding and paraphrasing people back their problems and reinforcing that this is a solution that they want.