Sales Without Losing Your Soul 7. ABC Assumptive

So, in sales, this phrase always refers to closing A-B-C, and there are lots of different ways that you can close. I’m going to teach you four. This is the assumptive close. The assumptive close is probably one of my favourites because a lot of the time, I assume everybody wants to buy me. That sounds quite arrogant, doesn’t it?

But really, it’s this mental positioning that the moment somebody walks through the door, they are looking to buy something. I used to do professional fundraising, and I used to be one of those annoying people who would stop you in the middle of the street and ask you to donate for the rest of your natural-born life to a charity.

And I was very good at it. I did that job for about five years, and I raised something in the realm of about $78,000 for some charities that they get every year. So, I’m very good at sales. And the thing about that job was I was stopping people in the street. They were not looking to buy from me.

They were absolutely not interested in shopping that day. The street was not my store. And so, when I actually switched into retail sales, it got better because literally anybody that walked through the door was looking to buy as far as I was concerned. And I remember having a conversation with my manager at the time, and my manager was like, did you know that person?

I was like, No. It felt like you were their best friend. I was like, for 5 minutes, I was. The reality was that I was so good at just assuming that somebody had a problem that I was very good at solving that I would just assume the sale, and that would look like my body language. I just, you know, I was in telco sales, so I would just turn and go, well follow me.

We’ll get you signed up. We’ll get you started. We’ll get you going. And I wouldn’t look back. I’d just go straight ahead and assume that they were following me, and most of the time, they were. So that attitude that somebody is going to buy whatever it is that you’re selling is really the in your body language around confidence and in your tone and where you’re turning and looking.