Sales Without Losing Your Soul 2. Rapport Building

In my sales process. I have for over 20 years used five steps. The first step starts off with rapport building, getting to know someone and getting to understand what their problem is in the thing that it is that you do. Last week I had somebody pitch me something like the problem that they solve, and they used what I would call the wank word ‘bingo’. 

A lot of words that mean nonsense to me. It has nothing to do with my business, nothing to do with who I am and doesn’t like doesn’t actually spark anything. You didn’t ask me what my problems were in my business. They were just using these words that they’d seen out in the internet and thought that that would be the impressive thing that would close the deal. 

So, a lot of sales is really about listening. And actually, sales to me is a customer service. It’s not actually selling. It’s providing a solution to a problem that your customer might have. So, the intro and the rapport build is really about understanding where your customer or your potential customer at this point is at and whether or not you can solve their problems. And becoming a really good listener.