My rules on how to be a better human

(written April 30th 2014)

Rule One: Be a good person and just help others because you can – not because you want something in return.

Rule Two: Be generous with knowledge.

Rule Three: In the face of adversity, remember it’s not actually about you, it’s totally about them and that’s not your problem.

Rule Four: Don’t be a dick-head. It’s not hard. No really. It’s not.

Rule Five: Be honest. Honesty can never get you in trouble and will save you more times than lies ever will.

Rule Six: Don’t be a dick-head. No seriously. Not hard.

Rule Seven: Don’t spend every waking second sharing your life on the Internet. Instead spend more time living your life OFF the Internet. Go outside a bit there is a wondrous world out there! Go explore it!

Rule Eight: Don’t be greedy. You cannot take your money with you when you’re gone. That’s not to say don’t enjoy yourself, just don’t be greedy about it.

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