Marketing: The Symptom We Don’t Talk About.

Marketing: The Symptom We Don’t Talk About.

A lifetime ago I used to be a business manager and trainer in retail telecommunications.

I learnt back then that the way the store was presented, the way everything was merchandised, the way the labels were printed and the distance between the phones, unconsciously impacted the success or failure on how the business operated. I would consistently be training in effective floor management, something that I see lacking in many retail stores I step in today.

A disengaged staff member sitting on their phone would be an invisible force field to people entering the store and before I took over the management of each store I would mystery shop them two weeks prior and make mental notes on what the store needed from me as a manager from the way that they presented themselves.

The ways I identify systemic issues within the businesses large and small haven’t changed, even if the spaces I mystery shop you on (in the online world) have changed.

“Marketing is an externally communicated symptom of other things going on in your business.”

Fast forward ten years since I’ve worked on the cold face of retail and we’re now in a hyper-connected world. Your disengaged staff member isn’t just disengaged in the physical retail sense, they’re disengaged to their own personal brand responsibility, not only that, they are in part a representative of your business and brand, weather you or they realise it or not, it doesn’t matter if they want to opt in or not.

I’ll leave you with this question dear reader, how do you manage or educate your staff/teams online engagement when it’s their own personal profiles without stepping into a space of ‘censoring’?