Lessons learnt by stepping away from the business

Lessons learnt by stepping away from the business

It’s amazing what you learn when you step away from the business. When you take time off for personal reasons or for whatever reasons it might be. Most recently I learnt a whole lot of lessons which have stretched me in the greatest of ways. It has been beneficial for not just me but for the business on so many levels.

Life will always get in the way.

When personal shit or even life just gets in the way, it’s hard not to let it impact everything. So for me, I try to keep some degree of separation between my home and my work life, because if I didn’t it would be like a tornado meeting a tidal wave and the search for Where’s Wally in the aftermath.

Being a single working mum of two children, one being an out of control world hating teenage daughter (apparently this stage of adolescents eventually ends); and the other being my Autistic son is sometimes beyond challenging. But apparently not challenging enough for me as I decided to go to UNI to do a marketing degree as well…with this being said I question my sanity several times a day.

Recently things in my life came to the point of beyond challenging personally, financially and emotionally. This resulted in me not being able to function at work or home. I went into hibernation and for most of the time was unreachable with any form of contact. I didn’t answer my phone or emails and basically avoided any contact with the outside world. This resulted in (like most things in life) the domino effect of leaving my boss and the business in a situation beyond our control.

Be mindful of negative thoughts.

There were times I didn’t think we would make it through all the challenges as a business. I often questioned whether I even deserved to be there and deserved to be employed by such an incredible person. A person who was so invested in me, who gives me support, encouragement and the occasional kick up the ass to keep me moving in the right direction.

At the time, my thoughts and beliefs around this was that it would be less of an impact on everybody and the business to fail now rather than later.

What came out of these recent experiences and challenges were valuable lessons that have strengthened our relationships within the business. It has also given us an awareness as to how we can better manage situations around time management. So for Ming it became a matter of having to be very selective as to where her time was spent; and whether it was beneficial or not since my absence had taken the sales cycle from 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

Communication is key.

Communication was an important lesson for me more so as it’s something I’ve struggled with in the past. I have become much more aware now to just how important communication is in all areas of our life. I think the enlightenment around problem solving comes from the pain being so great that we choose either to manage things better so we never repeat that experience again; or as Ming would put it stick our head in the sand. The thing is, we are all going to go through things in our life that will stretch us beyond our comfort zone so that we can grow. We can either embrace it or resist it. I’ve learnt it’s better to embrace it because the result is a big push forward. Not just personally but also for the business.

So I can say it’s so good to be back. FYI I’m never allowed to leave again except for scheduled holidays.

Originally posted August 31, 2016 by Emma Taylor