From technology tourist to native

I, Kylie Herda, am part of that mini generation, Gen Y. I grew up with a fat TV, with a telephone plugged into the wall. I remember when we got our Commodore 64 computer. It was so cool, I think my love for Tetris has morphed into my love for Candy Crush… (currently level 2398 and increasing)

I remember recording songs off the radio onto tapes, and pausing the VCR so it wouldn’t record the ad’s on tv.

I also remember when we all started getting mobile phones. How quickly us kids took to them and learnt the short codes we made up so we could get what we wanted to say in the text limit and not have to pay for another text message.

And boy do I remember being SO frustrated with my mum who just couldn’t figure out how to use a mobile phone. Getting angry when I had to explain to her for the 100th time that if you wanted to use the letter ‘o’ you had to press the number 6 three times. She used to drive me insane. How could she not be interested in what the new technology could do?

Fast forward 15yrs and I started working with Ming. I was employed for my skills in structure and time management. But Ming works an open business, we all have our strengths, but she likes us all to know how each position works and to understand how to do each job.

This meant I was required at assist with building websites and Facebook advertising campaigns.

Being towards the beginning of Gen Y meant that I missed any kind of computer training in school. They simply hadn’t started teaching it yet. So here I was in front of a laptop with clients livelihoods in front of me, and NO IDEA what I was doing. – I am so happy my mum couldn’t see me. I fumbled like she used to. I repeatedly asked Ming the same questions. I was so nervous and I wasn’t remotely confident in my skills.

Slowly with guidance and repetition my skills grew, my knowledge increased and my confidence soared. Building websites is now a small feather I proudly added to my hat. Facebook advertising is second nature. Reading the reports, adjusting the campaigns and gaining the best results are simply more feathers in my, once threadbare, hat.

I bought many skills to the Ming Johanson brand, and I am great at them. Just as her clients are skilled at their jobs. You know how to do your job, your good at it. But maybe like me, there are some more skills you need to learn to become GREAT at your job.

This is where Ming comes in. She can see where the gaps are and she can help you fill them with the skills you need to become awesome. Why be in the middle of your cohort, when you can lead them?

The skills I’ve learnt have been brilliant for my job, there’s no doubt about that, but they’ve been more than that. Working with Ming has helped me develop outside of the working role. I have learnt more about myself, about who I want to be. What I stand for and the example I want to be for my children. The feathers I’ve gained aren’t just worn in my hat as I work, they’ve been braided into my hair and become a part of who I am, and I am greater.

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