Digital Disconnect Retreat

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Welcome to the 2021 Digital Disconnect Retreat

2020 has created a vortex of reliance on our devices to get through COVID, the digital overload of doom scrolling and zoom calls have left many of us fatigued and overwhelmed. Demands from work, our families, our friends, an always-on and always-connected society. We’re becoming increasingly fatigued from our social media suffocation.

Friday March 12th to Sunday March 14th

How do you stay connected to the passion of your life? Were you ever connected to it before the global pandemic?

Recharge, reset and regain your sense of purpose, control and connection at this year’s Digital Disconnect Retreat. In its 5th year, this event has evolved to give space for you to create a deep connection to yourself and others.

Your Facilitator Ming Johanson

Ming Johanson likes to push buttons, literally online and figuratively delving into the mental drivers’ that motivate humans to take an action online or offline. A regular contributor in the media on topics of technology, social media and mental health, she is driven to empower the world through human connection online and offline. Recently a winner of the 2019 Women In Tech Awards, she also contributes to her community as an Ambassador for R U OK? Day a Mentor at Startup Weekend and a board member of the WA Australian Computer Society.

Our beautiful New Retreat Location

Not gonna lie, it’s been a hell of a journey to get to here from the first retreat 6 years ago. The location in Beverley is all ours to nurture and build into the full vision I’ve had from the beginning. By the time the October retreat rolls around, there will be a cabin for our main kitchen and bathroom facilities, a mindful meditative maze and so much more in store for our retreat attendees.

I am both stressed out-of-my-mind with overflowing Pinterest boards of idea’s that I want to execute and overwhelmingly excited at the blank canvas this beautiful piece of paradise presents.

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Digital Disconnect 3 Day Retreat Program

Friday 12th March 2021 (Starting around 2pm) – Sunday 14th March (Wrapping up 3pm at the latest)

Day 1: Re-calibrate

How we communicate.
Learn to better manage in situations of conflict, understanding the way you communicate and how this changes when you’re stressed.

Meditation: The guide.
Gather the guide to show you the way. Gentle guided meditation.

Beliefs, bias & how it shapes our world.
The world is based on our experiences, this shapes the way we receive and perceive the world around us.

Meditation: The gift.
A gentle guided meditation.

Values framework.
From the beginning this has been the framework that I have based my business and my marketing ever evolving, ever changing and impossible for competitors to copy as it is uniquely designed for you.

Time for you to work on your book/blog/voice.

Day 2: Building Unicorns

Become the CEO of your time. Mastering your time so you have more of it.

How it all connects / A healthier relationship online.
A practical exploration of how the Internet, Social Media and the Real World connects online and offline.

Money matters.
Getting to profit that’s not just on paper.

Future proof.
How to future plan without worry while also being present. Setting realistic and achievable goals.

Meditation: Future you.
A transformative guided meditation.

Why are we here in this life? You’re not alone if you don’t know. Many people spend a lifetime finding their purpose to discover they were unconsciously living it  the whole time. In this session gain some clarity and direction.

Time for you to work on your book/blog/voice.

Day 3: New World

Time for you to work on your book/blog/voice.

Meditation: Restored.
A meditation for integration to take the lessons of the last two days and bring into your awareness the next steps.

Rewired for success.
Revisiting the unconscious beliefs from the beginning of the weekend.

A final wrap of everything and how to maintain your new-found behaviours/boundaries/habits.

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what others have to say about the retreat x

Amy Kapernick on The Importance of routine. “While I’ve tried to put this in place several times during the last 12 months, it eventually got done properly after I attended a business retreat with Ming Johanson. I sat down with a weekly schedule (like this) and started blocking out the different sections of my day. I colour coded the sections so I can see what I’m doing when, and in particular, I can see I’ve got enough purple time (that’s me time ?). This made it really easy for me to visualise what was happening when and see how my days were being spent.”

Leesa Hart on Great (Un)Expectations. “I anticipated an interesting weekend (it was!), learning some helpful new information and skills, (I did!) and maybe making some new friends (absolutely!). What I didn’t anticipate was a huge shift in my thinking – about myself and how my life and business ‘should’ be. I’ve been caught up for a long while, hovering between my landscape design business and my recent foray into the fascinating world of personal development coaching. As a result of my lack of focus I did very little with either!”

Louise O’Reilly on The Journey Begins. “…they gifted me a wooden shield and conch shell horn. For three years I kept having this same dream. By chance, I attended a self-development retreat in 2016 (hosted by Ming Johanson). One of the retreat activities was a guided meditation lead by Perth Sharman, Catherine Fewings. During this meditation, I was taken back to my dream where it unravelled into deeper meanings.

Secure Your Spot For The 2020 Digital Disconnect Retreat

Full Price $990*

3 Days, 2 Nights Accommodation in our Beautiful Bell Tents.
Food to suit all Dietary Requirements.
Endless Tea/Coffee.
Workbooks & Disconnect Kit.
Friendships & Connections To Last A Lifetime.
3 Days of Gentle Facilitation & Transformation with Ming Johanson.
Bathroom/Shower Facilities Available.
*Inclusive of GST

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Zip Pay offers monthly payment options at 0% interest. Simply use the Zip Pay app to generate a single use virtual card to pay for the digital disconnect retreat.


What if we have a COVID breakout in WA?

In keeping with advice from medical professionals and our WA government advice we will refund all attendees in full should community spread and borders be compromised. Your health and well-being is our priority.

Do I have to disconnect completely? What if I have to call my kids?

We ask that you keep your phone with your belongings and not on your person throughout the day. There are breaks for you to check-in with family or partners and you can spend you evenings however you deem necessary. We’re seeking to help you create a healthier relationship with your tech, not ban it entirely.

What if I have a complex dietary requirement?

We have every year catered for all sorts of complex dietary requirements, our facilitator is coeliac so knows the importance of making sure food is prepared in a certain manner. This year we will be seeking catering solutions from local sources.

Will there be alcohol?

This is a dry site, due to the nature of the work we do over the weekend your brains will require hydration, no alcohol is permitted.

Can I work on my own stuff?

Yes absolutely. We’ve built this years retreat experience around the theme of spaciousness and abundance. If you need space to work on stuff outside of the facilitated forums your welcome to. There is time allocated for your own projects in the schedule and we’d love your participation in the rest but trust your own intuition.

Do you have payment plans?

Yep, absolutely, you can contact the team to discuss options through the website contact form or PM the team on our Facebook page.

Am I sharing a tent?

We have beautiful and sizable bell tents of two sizes, two hold three people the other two tents holds two people,  bed frames, mattresses are provided, all you need to bring is pillows and blankets/sleeping bag.

Is there toilet facilities or am I digging a hole?

There are toilet/shower facilities on the site, we have booked an extra portable toilet/shower on top of what we have.

Is there electricity to the property?

There is. We will be supplying power to each tent & will have extra power ports available on the main facilitation area and food area.

Got Questions?

Feel free to contact us for more information.