Content Creators 6. Distilling the Message, Purpose First

So, most of the time, people view social media as a noisy place with no purpose. It’s just photos of coffee or babies. And really, it’s this wonderful tool that allows you to connect with people. I often ask people, what would you do and how much would you pay for people to know you before they’ve met you, that you’re already firm friends?

And quite often, that’s the experience people have from following me. So, I know that many people have followed me for a couple of years, and by the time they meet me, they already know who I am and what I’m about. Now, I’m not sharing any personal details like my birth date or bank details.

And what is privacy? And I put it in the framework that you probably shouldn’t go on the Internet if you’re not okay with your grandmother seeing it plastered on a billboard over the freeway. So, start there regarding your boundaries around what you do and don’t put on the Internet. A lot of the time, I’m sharing quite personal things around mental health, and that’s my boundary.

I’m okay with that because I’ve done the work, I go to therapy, and I have coaches I work with to ensure I can safely share those messages. I’m not saying everybody has to do that, and I’m not saying everybody has to have that as the extent of their content. But everything you do within your life is content, and really, it’s the pieces that people build around who you are, not just what you do and not just what you deliver. That makes the human connection that people want to do business with you.