Content Creators 4. Resources & What You Have

We will talk about the resources you already have that you might have yet to realise. When I was running workshops over the last ten years, this was a topic that I often bring up because people forget that they have an enormous amount of resources. Have you checked how many people you are connected to on each social media network? 

 Have you spoken to any of them? When did you last reach out to someone on that social media network? I often get people to think about their Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and X now; that’s hard to say. We’re just going to call it Twitter. So, how often have you touched base with the people you already know? 

A lot of the time, it’s easier to sell to people you’ve already sold to. There are other resources like your Logos, PowerPoint and the entire office suite. We’ve now got AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL·E. So, all of these creative tools that are now available to us make our jobs even more accessible. So, some of the things that I want you to think about that might not have been a consideration around a tool that makes you content. 

If you are a speaker or you’ve given a business presentation, you’ve likely done some PowerPoint slides. Well, guess what? Those PowerPoint slides can be exported as individual images. So, you’ve already done some of that heavy lifting, done some of that work and re-utilised things that you’ve already written. So, we often talk about what’s called high-impact activity. 

So, a high-impact activity is something that you do once, but then you can turn it into lots of little different things. It might be a media piece, and you can take that media piece, put it through ChatGPT, and ask it to spit out 100 different posts from that media piece. You might have PowerPoints, like I said before, and you can take all of those slides and turn them into individual articles and individual social media posts. 

You might have a spreadsheet, which is my favourite thing. That’s going to be such a weird thing for you to hear. I love spreadsheets, and I love spreadsheets because there are some really cool innovations that Canva has done where I can input that spreadsheet, import the creative, have a creative template, and create content in less than 5 minutes. I will give you a couple of guides in addition to this video to show you how to do all those different things and export your slides into PNG images that you can use on social media. We will start building up what we call a story bank or a content bank.