Without Strategy. Marketing turns out to be an Adhoc dumpster fire of doom.

Two fundamental truths exist when marketing any business, whether you’re a startup or a seasoned CEO.

  • A great product alone is not enough to succeed.
  • No amount of marketing will make a crap product gain a mass audience.

“Nothing kills a bad company faster than good marketing”

Successful marketing requires that you have both a great product and great marketing. For that reason, my team and I focus on the aligning the marketing strategy to your business strategy.

Don’t have one? It’s our genius zones. We’ll get you on track with the ‘here and now’ and forecast the ‘future’ of your business.’

We’re committed to creating and maintaining a marketing strategy that is tethered into your business strategy. One that has a long-term, forward-looking approach with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Baby Unicorns
Blog Content (4 blogs, including 12 images)
Graphic Support
Video Editing/Animation/Transcription (max 4 video, 2 min)
Facebook or Linkedin Ad Management
Website Management
2x 30 min consultations
*including GST
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Unicorns on Steroids
Blog Content (8 blogs, including 24 images)
Graphic Support
Video Editing/Animation/Transcription (max 20 videos, 10 mins)
Facebook Ad Management
Linkedin Ad Management
Linkedin Strategy
Website Management
Downloadable Content Creation
Sales Funnels / Landing Pages
Email Marketing
Newsletter Management
Messenger Bot Management
Business Development & Strategic Planning
4 x 45 min consultations
*including GST
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Ming and her team came right on time for our company Perfection Chocolates & Sweets. From our first meeting, Ming got us back on track. Firstly we had to deal with our website that wasn’t doing too well and needed a nice overhaul which they did so quickly and efficiently. The most important thing was our website was down on making money. We did a massive social media campaign for Easter and my phone was buzzing all the time with PayPal notifications. We got orders from all over Australia. And all because Ming and her team just crashed it for us.

We were in the middle of COVID-19 and things are looking grim for our retail store. With some long emotional zoom calls and meetings with Ming, she went above and beyond with her team to get us back on track and put money in our till. We couldn’t be happier and our relationship has grown to where the team does so much more for us even down to taking photos of our products. I myself love having a zoom call meeting every week with Ming, because it’s my therapy as well. I love Ming because she gets us. She’s been where we have been she’s built her own business. She’s been successful and she’s had her failures but she never lets that stop her. She is so knowledgeable, humble and she knows what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

We totally recommend Ming and her team and look forward to continually working with her over the next few years. Our growth in our business over the next few years will be contributed to Ming and her team. She’ll make you do the work and hold you accountable but she makes you feel amazing at the end. Truly is the mother of unicorns.

Thanks Ming.

John & Eva KaposPerfection Chocolates & Sweets

To say that the work that Ming Johanson and her team produce is nothing less than outstanding would be a gross understatement. I have had the pleasure of getting work with Ming Johanson for quite some time, and her knowledge when it comes to digital marketing strategy (especially social media) is some of the best in the industry today.

Ming and her team treat every client with equal consideration, and often go and above and beyond for their clients just because sometimes it is the right thing to do. Ming and her team have an advanced skillset that covers all of the bases and more from strategy, to graphics, to video, and more. When you meet with Ming you know that she is listening to you, and in today’s world that is something incredibly hard to come by that is a testament to Ming and her team’s passion for what they do. I highly recommend Ming Johanson for ALL of your digital marketing and social media needs. You will not be disappointed.

Nick MyersRedFox AI

As a business undergoing an aggressive growth phase,  we needed a marketing partner who was able to quickly understand our audience and their needs, as well as design and deploy a strategic plan to support our growth in the short, middle and long term. We also needed a partner with a strong holistic view of the social media as a landscape, helping to explore, document and execute unique strategies for each social audience. 

By partnering with Ming, we were able to do this and more.  Ming and her team moved quickly to explore, define and document the social landscape our business was in. By doing so, we were able to maximise our marketing budget as well as unearth new business opportunities. Their marketing strategic rollout was flawless and contributed to a 85% increase in quarter-on-quarter sales for one of our key sales channels. 

In a age where commitment, dedication and professionalism are often overused terms, I would happily recommend Ming Johanson as this and much more.

Andrea ConteFiretech

We appointed Ming to assist with one social media brand. Instead of just telling us the basics, she gave us detailed information about the best social media practices and the thought process behind the strategies. With her extensive background in retail and sales, she was able to give us a broad scope of how all of our touchpoints, including the sales process and digital marketing strategies, are connected and are transforming.

I’ve never come across a company that is so transparent in what they do and openly explains what they did, how they did it, and why they did it. By having full access to the back end of our Facebook campaign, we could see all data, ads, enquiries and changes that occurred. Ming would always provide an honest appraisal of the campaign and describe how we could evolve it to make it better.

Karla GillettThe Prime Group

We had been aware of Ming’s work for some time and engaged her to assist with the development of our social media strategy and enhance our website structure and performance. In the time we have worked together, it hasn’t seemed like work.  We have streamlined the website and achieved some great traction with our social media strategy.

We went from an almost non-existent social media presence to one where we now have social media driving traffic to the web site and the web site driving content for social media. Our web and social media presence is greatly improved through the influence of Ming and her team.

Jackie O’DowdRealising Potential