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I'm excited that you're here ready to invest yourself into overcoming the three major things that hold business owners back. The Business Jumpstart is completely free but will only be up for a short time before the live launch of my paid course the Complete Marketing Mastery goes online so make sure you check in here for the launch of each of these lessons and if you're still here by the end of it there will be a special bonus in the Facebook group.

So because I’ve given talks and workshops for years I thrive off of engagement so before we get stuck into the content of lesson one today I want you to do a couple of things for me first.

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  • Turn off all your beeping, blooping devices and make sure you have spaciousness to focus.
  • Have a notebook/pen handy. There are worksheets but a notebook works great too. Let’s get to Lesson One!

Lesson One: What we say about time. (10 minutes watch time)

  • Where the 4 hour day concept came from.
  • What is a ‘you’ job.
  • The romance of ‘being busy’.
  • Healthy habits + technology boundaries + tools to help.

Downloadable Worksheet : Time blocks
Extra Recommended Tool : TimeTune (Android)
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Lesson Two: Abundance Mentality (9 minutes watch time)

  • Survival vs Scarcity vs Abundance.
  • Abundance lives in lots of different things, not just money.
  • What resources.
  • What network.
  • Brand champions.
  • Most money, most often?

Downloadable Worksheet : R.N.M.
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Lesson Three: Sabotage 

  • Self worth
  • The story behind our identity
  • Like a boss
  • What’s the payoff?
  • The person responsible for success.
  • Is this a ‘Ming’ job.

Downloadable Worksheet : D.U.T.
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