Challenges in Traditional Work Environments

Neurodivergent individuals face numerous challenges in traditional work environments that are primarily built for neurotypical individuals. These challenges can look like this: Sensory Overload Many neurodivergent individuals are highly sensitive to sensory stimuli, such as bright lights, loud noises, or crowded spaces. Open-plan offices, fluorescent lighting, and constant background noise can be overwhelming, leading to […]

The Struggle With Authenticity

Discovering and understanding ourselves is a universal struggle, but there are moments when we gratefully find our true selves. Life is an ongoing process of growth, where the courage to express our authentic identity can manifest in various ways – like vibrant hair colors or advocating for mental health as an ambassador for R U […]

Mastering Remote Work Productivity

Working remotely has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this trend. While remote work offers numerous benefits, such as flexibility and improved work-life balance, making employment more accessible to neurodiverse or differently abled people it also presents unique challenges that can affect productivity and mental well-being. As someone […]

Time Travel, Parallel Universes, Cloning, and Grief

During a conversation with a friend, something unexpected came up. K, with a hint of hesitation, confessed to having delved into the realm of time travel by conducting some extensive Googling. Amused, I assured them that their curiosity was perfectly normal, and playfully added parallel universes and cloning to our list of intriguing topics. After […]

The Emotional Journey of Grief and a Light Bulb

Life can sometimes take unexpected turns, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable. This past weekend, I experienced a series of challenging events that culminated in an unexpected breakdown. It all began with a seemingly simple task – changing a light bulb. Little did I know that this mundane activity would trigger a flood of emotions, […]

Navigating Grief: Understanding Different Reactions and Finding Support

Dealing with grief is a deeply personal experience, and it can be challenging when friends and family respond in different ways. In this blog, I share my own journey and highlight three distinct strategies that emerged from the people around me. By shedding light on these responses, I hope to reach those who may benefit […]

Grief in the ‘What if.’

Sometimes, it’s difficult to put into words the thoughts that linger in our minds, the ones that play the “what if” game. It’s a game that can consume us, as we ponder the countless possibilities and wonder about the actions we could have taken differently. What if… I had extended our conversation by just two […]

Online Privacy While Building a Public Presence

I have a very public life. I’m in the media regularly. I speak about mental health and my very personal journey in this as an ambassador for R U Ok? A lot of people call me brave. A lot of people tell me how they could ‘never’ do what I do. The reality is I’m […]