About Ming

Hai. I’m Ming Johanson, I’m from the Internet.

Why ‘Mother of Unicorns’?

what began as a play on the startup ‘unicorn’ language, this turned into a big part of my identity in being more than ‘just a marketing expert’ or ‘facebook ad expert’.

For the longest time, I’ve been a strategist at heart and over the past 8 years in running my own enterprise I’ve come to realise that if I solve the issues around time, money or resources in our clients business we empower them to have a clear message and reach their best customers.

as a multi-racial Australian born woman in tech I found the people I had no time for would judge me for these things that I couldn’t change so my branding became a very powerful and purposeful way to help those that might judge me to opt-out quicker so that I can maximise my time with the people who want to be excited, delighted and have a bit of magic in their lives – if you’re reading this, then chances are you’re the kind of person we want to work with.

Why do you care about other people’s business?

it is my talent to give everyone to have permission to be themselves in their online and offline world. we often spend up to 80% of our time in our business (in some cases more) so it makes a big part of our identity you can show up as yourself in strength, or hide behind a mask.

after losing a loved one in a motorcycle accident, that the grief subsequently unravelled years of childhood abuse and triggered a diagnosis in PTSD and anxiety, I have a deep urning to give other business owners space to be free to live their lives in a way that flows rather than deals with the reactive nature that social media can often induce.

simply put, I care about our clients business because they’re more often a reflection of my own business. while much of my own trauma has been catastrophic, this trauma, my diagnosis doesn’t define me and instead provides me with the unnatural superpowers to support businesses that are going through a crisis, have lost their way, or overwhelmed in the daily grind of business.

Are you not concerned about losing business by being so candid about your diagnosis and personal story?

As an ambassador for R U OK? Day, it is important to me that we begin to speak about mental health and trauma like someone might talk about lactose intolerance. The type of strategy, marketing and coaching we offer is the type that throws away the mask pretending that everything is ok that believes there is a place for everyone in the future and that we are more connected now than we ever have before and will achieve incredible things when we show up as ourselves every day.

Year on year my business has grown, my incredible team in my business has grown and continues to support both myself, each other and our glorious clients.