4 Gaps to Address that Reflect in Your Social Media Marketing

4 Gaps to Address that Reflect in Your Social Media Marketing

The Right Hire

This one has taken years off my life. While I often have to remind myself that every lesson comes in the time that the lesson is supposed to reveal itself, my inner critic can be the worst critic. For a long time I persisted with people I thought needed the most help. I admit I had a bit of a saviour complex at the time. It’s taken a lot of therapy to step back and let people fall flat on their face.

They might have needed support but even with it dangling in front of them with brightly coloured flags waving, sometimes staying in the headspace of being a victim is far safer than stretching themselves to be a better version of themselves.

The right hire is not just the person who needs the job, it’s the person who will immediately make your job/life easier by being a part of the team.

The Right Leader

Not everyone is a leader, and that is actually completely ok. Leaders eat/sleep/breathe/snack your business values naturally, they don’t just want to lead, they want to constantly and consistently improve their craft of leadership.

Mental health as a priority.

A few years ago I went to Sydney to learn more about my role as an ambassador for R U OK? A non-profit organisation inspired to help people to have a better conversation about mental health. The demographics in suicide rates were confronting.

The conversations I increasingly have with friends and colleagues is that their lives aren’t measuring up to the version we were all told in school: If you get a good education, you’ll get a good job, you’ll get good pay and your life will be perfect. Some of us figured out early that this was a lie created by the production line mentality of the industrial age, some of us are learning now.

I have had some pretty catastrophic things happen in my life and realised that the ethos I had learnt from other managers in other businesses of leaving your problems at home at the door the moment you get to work was just simply isn’t practical.

Values + Culture

I’ve been in business for 10 years now and for those 10 years I have delivered the same facilitation of my own design in helping business owners and corporate leaders on how to identify their own values. I’m not talking about the values you learnt off by heart for the job interview from the company website, or the values that everyone gives lip service to on the inspirational wall placards around the office that often have little to no actual substance. I’m talking about the values that confront you or reflect in others every single day.

Values that sit on your wall with no substance behind them leads more often than not to a toxic workplace. Get this right and your business can move forward in confidence online and offline. Constantly review them. Recalibrate. Evolve.