Culture of Habits

Over the last 7 years I’ve built a business built on productivity, doing more with less time resulting in more money. I learnt this as a result of a personal tragedy that taught me a valuable lesson that I now pass on to my clients so they don’t have to learn it the hard way like I did.

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“As custodians of the future, have wisdom in your words.”

- Ming Johanson (an excerpt from the 2017 ACS diversity dinner address)


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Breathe - everything is perfect

Flow + Abundance

Running a business can be a lonely and overwhelming enterprise. It doesn’t discriminate from the small business startup to the corporate CEO.

I often look at how a business operates their social strategies and with finite precision can determine what their next 6 months will look like. The key is getting into a creative flow state.

  • Processes create an abundance of time.
  • Flow gives space for creativity.
  • Space to breathe in business is vital.

Disconnect to Connect

Consciously removing yourself from technology and getting into a natural setting gives you the space to clearly see your passions and purpose that define your business. Technology (including social media) are meant to compliment your productivity not create a vortex for you to get lost in.


In House Corporate Sales + Marketing Facilitation

Building your sales and marketing team? With over 15 years experience across multiple industries I implement best systems and practices to ensure you build a team designed for success that tick all the boxes for your key stakeholders.


Lisa Evans

“Seriously, there has been a lot of Facebook Fakery over the past week about the new changes etc. What many workshops do – is try to scaremonger. Ming doesn’t. She will give you good, honest advice. She won’t tell you that the sky is going to fall in or that your business is doomed on FB, she will help you. I know this because she has helped me in my marketing – but please don’t tell Ming that I do sometimes push the Boost button – because that is not allowed.” 😉

Sharron Attwood

“I set about working on my marketing plan with Ming yesterday and was so excited by how much we got done. I came away with a clear idea of what to do and why – all in keeping with my values and objectives! Thanks Ming.”

Liz Hayes

“I think I drove Ming crazy in the beginning! Everything was so new and strange out there in Facebook land. But I persevered – and she held my hand and wiped my tears when I cried, I have now found that I am on Page 1 of Google!! I don’t know how long I have been there, but I was wondering why I was getting so many new enquiries every day? Facebook is time consuming – and it sometimes feels like time-wasting – but it works!! What I really love is how ‘tweakable’ it is (is that even a word?) Every time I have a new idea or a new focus I can ‘bend’ my marketing to suit the new direction.”

In 2017 every day

Where you can catch Ming?

I am a WA branch committee member of the Australian Computer Society, regular 6PR social media commentator for the last 2 years, R U OK ambassador and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I have worked with a plethora of Australian businesses both large and small to increase their knowledge and skill set around modern day social media.