Daily Archives: October 30, 2016

There is an important conversation that is happening over the world over. This is more prominently happening with the perceived surge of Syrian refugees globally. As an active participant of the human race it is important to accept the fact that not everyone will share your world view. Not everyone shares my world view […]

Talking about ‘racism’ – The user guide.

Lately I’ve been pretty frustrated with the 1% of people in my world, you’ll know them, they’re the loudest people in the room, the ones who need to be the centre of attention, who want to be in control of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, who think they have power when really they have […]

The emotional intelligence of an Avocado

I have this odd sense of gratitude for the ability to breathe, when grief dragged me into its clutches of darkness in the early days it resulted in my losing the ability to breathe. I remember it was the first thing I noticed that I wasn’t able to do, apart from talk, eat, […]

Don’t forget to breathe

(written April 30th 2014) Rule One: Be a good person and just help others because you can – not because you want something in return. Rule Two: Be generous with knowledge. Rule Three: In the face of adversity, remember it’s not actually about you, it’s totally about them and that’s […]

My rules on how to be a better human