Monthly Archives: September 2014

I’m writing this blog, in part, for my own therapy and personal healing.  I’m also writing this to share because I know what I have to say will help those of you that may be battling in your lives with grief.  It is my hope that these blogs will help you gain […]

The scale of purple monkeys & grief

The conversation went something like this between a friend and myself. K: Don’t laugh, this is going to sound nuts but I’ve totally Googled time travel. M: *laughs* That’s totally normal hun, add parallel universes & cloning from my list. K: Obviously we’re not the only ones because there was […]

Time travel, Parallel universe, Cloning and Grief

For a solid three weeks after I had lost my loved one, all I could feel was despair and a terrible darkness had descended.  A few months later I tried describing the feeling and all I could come up with that came even close to an adequate description was that […]

Grief and Grenades