Social media. Everyone’s using it, obsessed with it, living their lives on it. So it should be a snap to use as a marketing tool for your business right? I mean how hard can it be? Money for jam.
Ming Johanson has spent the last 7 years refining the art of social media, positioning herself as the industry leader for social media marketing here in Perth, & she has rapidly built a cult following throughout Australia.
Catch a fish and you feed them for a day, but teach them to fish…
Through keynote speaking, corporate training & training & events for for small to medium businesses. Ming has transformed many West Australian companies through her unique disconnect-to-reconnect process. The space in between is where the breakthroughs happen, those ah-ha moments where you see your business with fresh eyes,
& your business evolves.
Only by removing ourselves from technology and getting into a natural setting are we able to clearly see our passions that define our business. These are the reasons we went into business. These are the reasons we get out of bed in the mornings. Only then are you ready to tell the world.


Keynote Speaking

Ming Johanson brings experience and purpose to your upcoming event as a kyenote speaker.


  • Diversity
  • Social Media & the Future of Technology
  • 21st Century Entraprenuer
  • Grief

Corporate Training & Mentoring

Hands on, traning, with leadership & marketing teams within corporations to more effectively engage on social media platforms increasing reach & ROI.


  • Understanding the online Ecosystem
  • Practical tool to Increase Engagement
  • Facebook Ad Training
  • Mentoring


Training & Events

Facebook advertising workshops & digital disconnect retreats for business owners & management provide you with the tools to save time & get the most out of your advertising budget. Learn how to build a community online who will be your customers, but more importantly, your advocates.


  • Increase ROI
  • Authentic brand expression
  • Tools to build engagement with your ideal client
Culture Champion for Change & Challenges

Ming Johanson

Ming Johanson is CEO of Ming Johanson & Urban Unicorns.
She is a branch committee member of ASC, 6PR social media commentator, R U OK ambassador and a member of the Australian institute of company directors. Ming has worked with a plethora of Australian businesses both large and small to increase their knowledge and skill set around modern day social media.